Icon Set: The Glossary of Sound

[Fall 2019]

Redesign for common musical cues through icons to convey intonation, style, volume, and more.

Moody Stickers

Short Film: This MayBe Love
[Fall 2019]

A character is disillusioned by her own illustrations of an imagined lover.

Infographic: How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Air Travel
[Fall 2019]

Tips on how to reduce or offset the toll that air travel takes on the enviroment.

[Fall 2019]
Travel vlogs about my time abroad in Spain.


    Typographic executions of the same James Blake lyric.


  Pitchfork Magazine 
Copywriter + Art Director [Spring 2020]

  Kelley Blue Book  
Copywriter + [Spring 2020]

  OK Tours   
Copywriter [Fall 2019]

Copywriter + Art Director [Fall 2018]

   Red Roof Inn   
Copywriter [Fall 2019]