Jacob Sepúlveda

Usually he writes things


Jacob Sepúlveda is a very average height.

He eats lots of food but is frequently ridiculed for weighing 100 pounds. He has brown hair. He likes red wine, margaritas with mezcal. He’s quiet and he has a moustache. Maybe it just gets in the way of the words. Who knows. People like to come up with reasons for why he’s quiet but he doesn’t like that.

Are you writing this down?

Sometimes he’ll sit in a parking lot and listen to the sad Sufjan Stevens album. Yeah that one. Nothing sad happened to him, he’s just like that. When he’s not like that, however, he enjoys working in coffee shops and performing an Irish exit at every party he’s ever been invited to. And when he finally does use his words, from behind the moustache if you recall (should be in your notes), they’re carefully selected, fairly sweet, and always deliberate.